Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall in Southern California

I have been so jealous hearing about Fall in other states. I love changes in weather. We don't get much weather change here. Today was a day that I was not disappointed about living in Southern California. I was having a "lazy day" I had no desire to do house work. The house was fairly clean anyways... but it was a really hot today...

So this is what we decided to do today!


We packed it up and went to the beach. My poor girls were stuck in school, but I promised I would take them tomorrow since they get out early. The beach was fantastic. The water was warm and the weather was perfect. Jimmy enjoyed just kicking back, playing and doing his version of surfing.
So I am actually hoping for hot weather tomorrow so the girls can go too. Nothing like fall in Southern California.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Little Did I Know Part 2.....

READ "LITTLE DID I KNOW" FIRST: Apparently the lucky underwear worked. Eberly scored her first goal of the season on her outdoor soccer team. She showed some much older girls her fancy footwork too. Our team won 3-2! Go EBERLY!

Little Did I Know

Eberly is getting close to entering the double digits. She will be ten at the end of November. I realize that she is getting to an age where I will probably be oblivious to certain things going on in her life. I am fortunate that she communicates with me pretty well. Just like she did first thing this morning.
Last night she had an indoor game (yes I lost her "scoreboard" during my layout mishap)...It was a tough game. We played an all boy team who have some fantastic players on their team. They also play extremely unfair. I am talking shoving in the back and pulling on our shirts... But that is a whole other story. Well, they lost last night and Eberly didn't score a goal.
Out of the blue she says "I KNOW WHY WE LOST LAST NIGHT! I wasn't wearing my lucky underwear."
Little did I know that my 9 year old daughter has lucky underwear that she wears for her soccer games. I guess it is never too young to be superstitious :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

I don't get it

I don't understand why little girls can be so mean. My poor little Sara has had a hard time with some of her friends this year. Just this week her friend decided that she didn't want to "be Sara's friend anymore". It just kills me. I could tell by the moment I saw her that something was wrong. She came running to me sobbing and telling me about what this little girl did to her. The really sweet thing though was all the kids that came and asked her if she was okay. It helped her to see that she was cared about. It really brought a smile to her face. Of course once Katie and Eberly found out, they wanted to go corner that little girl and give them a piece of their minds. Of course by the next day she wanted to be friends again. It reminds me of a story that happened last year. There was a boy that had told Katie that she could never be a vet because she was a girl. This was a boy that Eberly had in her class the previous year. Eberly and her friend Emily cornered this boy and told him to never say those kinds of things to Katie again. Never mess with family!
Katie has dealt with the same thing too. This is the first year that Katie has had actual friends that are girls. She had been playing with boys the last two years. I can't say that I blame her.
Just had to vent. I guess this is a great lesson for our kids. It teaches them how it feels to be left out. It teaches them how to treat others. It teaches them to just roll with the punches. Unfortunately we are going to meet some mean people in our lives, but at the end of the day it is our family that matters.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys Whatcha Gonna Do....

Set your DVR's! Mike is going to be on Cops. The dates that he might be on are October 4th and 11th at 8:00. We have no clue how many times he will be on or if you will only get to see the back of his shiny bald head.... But he was told that he should be on there a couple of times. He had to taser a man while they were filming him one day. The crew said that should make the show. So get the popcorn out. Disclosure: I am not responsible for anything my husband may say or do on either of these episodes :)


I love blogging, but man I had a frustrating day with it today. I was just trying to download a cute layout for Halloween and I lost everything in my side bar. Or at least the stuff that takes forever to redo... So I have finally got it up and running. I almost had to call Lauri to save me :)!!! It is all fixed, but don't be surprised if you see my Halloween layout up until next year!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Future Fireman?

Jimmy and I (Mike) were at the grocery store. And the heavens parted and there was a Poway Fire Department Ladder Truck. This is a big long truck that has the telescoping ladder and there is a driver steering in the back. Jimmy felt it was Christmas in September: "OH Dad!!! Awesome! I like firetrucks, and firemen are cool too. Can I see it? The firemen like me I'll show you." Sure enough the fire,men do like him. So Much so that they put him in the driver's seat, to enjoy the full firetruck experience. It was cute, but daddy was ready to honk. Here were fire fighters actively trying to pull Jimmy over to their team. They kept telling Jimmy, "You want to be a fire fighter right? Not a Cop." Daddy knew one of the firefighters and he thought it was hilarious. Of course Jimmy kept agreeing with them. He would have said anything to stay in the cab of the truck. Daddy let him humor them. As soon as they got in the car Daddy reminded him that Cops are so much cooler. He agreed because cops shoot and kill bad transformer robots. As long as daddy keeps the bad tranformer robots at bay I think the firefighters will have a hard time stealing him from the Police man team. Still they did a good job bribing and tempting him with their huge fire truck. He loves all trucks and this made his day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Oh my gosh! My sister has armpit hair"

Today when I picked up the kids from school, Katie came running up to me. I was talking with Sara's teacher, but she was bouncing up and down waiting to tell me something. She finally couldn't take it anymore and shouted to me "MOM! Sara has armpit hair! ALREADY!" Then she tried to hold Sara's arm up so that I could see. Sara was very embarassed and wouldn't let me see. The fact that there were hundreds of kids around could have had something to do with it too. But anyways, the whole way home Katie kept on saying "I can't believe my younger sister already has armpit hair." When we got home I decided I better take a look at what Katie was talking about. So I lifted Sara's arm to see what was "hiding" under there. I laughed..........The armpit hair was just fuzzies from Sara's shirt. She was wearing a black shirt today and it left little fuzzy lint in her armpits. :) I explained to Katie what the deal was and she says "oops..I guess I better go and tell my class tomorrow that Sara DOESN'T have armpit hair!"