Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

Today was crazy hair day at the kids' school. The kids love crazy hair day.... That is until they have to come home and take out all the rubber bands... OUCH!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beach Weekend

Friday afternoon we started our annual weekend campout at South Carlsbad State beach. My good friend makes reservations every year for my birthday. We normally stay from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. Every year this seems to fall on day lights savings. So Sunday morning we are always moaning and groaning cause we lose an hour and we are NEVER ready to go home. This year we decided to stay until Monday. It was a great decision. We had a fantastic weekend. I was definitely ready to go home on Monday though. I was ready to take a shower without having to have a pocket of tokens. I was ready to use my OWN bathroom. I was ready to find my clothes somewhere other than a suitcase. I was also ready to eat food without enjoying the crunch of sand. BUT so I don't sound like I am complaining...... I had a BLAST! It couldn't have gone better. The weather was slightly colder than the last few years, but we had NO rain and lots of sunshine. Eberly convinced me to go boogie boarding not only once, but twice. It was great once my body got numb :) The kids enjoyed playing in the little pools of water. Some of them were as warm as bath water. We also enjoyed exploring the little reef when the tide went down. We were able to find 4 little hermit type crabs. I love camping at the beach. There is nothing better than sitting around the camp fire enjoying smores and laughing with each other. We were fortunate to have our boys join us for a night. Some of Mike's co-workers also came out for an afternoon. Thanks honey for providing us with plenty of wood. He loaded a whole truck bed full of wood. I, of course, thought we had too much. Glad he didn't listen to me. We had just enough.
Here are some pics from the beach. Sorry it is kind of long, but I think if you click on the pic it will let you move through the pics faster. If you want to do the normal slide show you have to click on the first picture or it keeps on repeating the same pic. Not sure why it is doing this other than to frustrate me. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to ALL who made this the best birthday weekend ever!

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Future Entreprenuer

Sara lost her 2nd tooth on Saturday. She was so excited to get some money from the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy put a dollar under her pillow, but she couldn't find her tooth. The tooth fairy didn't want to wake her up, so she decided to leave it under Sara's pillow.
Sara woke up the next morning and I could hear her talking to Katie. "The tooth fairy gave me a dollar! But she didn't take me tooth! I am going to put my tooth under my pillow again tonight and get another dollar from the tooth fairy!!!"
I guess we know who will be making the big bucks in our family.