Wednesday, March 9, 2011

35th Birthday

Today was my 35th birthday. I have to say I was kind of dreading it a little, only because I can now say that I am closer to 40 than 30. Today ended up being a WONDERFUL day. It started with each of my kids waking up and running in to wish me a happy birthday. Katie made me a wonderful home made birthday card. Sara did the same and also made me breakfast in bed... half an apple and two pieces of toast (one with butter and one without). Other than the mess the kids left me in the kitchen, it was a pretty good start to the day. The rest of the morning was spent being a mom and doing things that I just have to do. Unfortunately day to day things don't stop just cause its your birthday....I was able to have a nice lunch with Mike and then off to pick up Eberly from middle school. Eberly and her friend had been working on a surprise for me for my birthday. They were so cute about it. Lots of phone calls, texts and whispers. Normally Eberly and Jaycee come with me when I pick up the younger ones from Elementary school. But today they just had too much homework to do.. (wink wink). I went to get the kids from school and it was SO cute cause they were obviously trying to stall me. I turned around and Katie was walking and untying her shoe at the same time "Mom! stop... I need to tie my shoe". Stall #1. Then Sara says "Mom I have to go pee REALLY bad! I cannot wait to go home." Stall #2. We are on our way again and all of a sudden Jimmy just decides to lay down on the grass.... just to enjoy the nice afternoon. Stall #3. Then on the way to the car they walk SOOOO slow. We get to the car and start to drive home. Ring Ring.. Eberly is calling me. She is frantic..She is out of conditioner and asks me to go to the store right then to get her some. I was already almost home at this point. I finally decide to give her a break; I took the kids to the park in our neighborhood so that Jaycee and Eberly could finish up their "surprise". I texted Eberly and told her to call me when was allowed to go home. When I got home this is what I walked up to:

When I went inside, this is what I found...

Eberly and Jaycee blew up over 100 balloons and had them all over my family room. They taped streamers and flowers all over the kitchen and family room. And it was all done in my favorite color scheme...Red, black and white. I loved it! What wonderful kids I have... Tonight Katie came up to me and showed me her and Eberly's text messages while they were trying to stall me..It is so hilarious I have to share it:
Katie: The hawk(me)...(Eberly made up the code names..hahaha) is on her way..
Katie: The hawk is here. Repeat the hawk is here (meaning I arrived at the school)
Eberly: Distract the hawk. I repeat. Distract the hawk.
Katie: Ok. Hawk distracted cause she is on the phone. I repeat she's on the phone.
Eberly: Ok. Got it. When r u on your way home?
Katie: The hawk is planning on going home in a minute. I repeat the hawk s planning on oing home in a minute
Eberly: Tie your shoes together!!!!!NOW!!!!!
Katie: The hawk found out we are stalling
Eberly:Tell her we r not. Tell me when she is on her way.
Katie: K
Eberly: Who is she talking to?
Katie: She's not anymore
Eberly: Is she on her way?
Katie: Almost
Katie: The hawk is on her way up the hill. I repeat the hawk is on her way up the hill. HURRY!!!
Eberly: Ok.. Stall her
Katie: I can't!!!
Eberly: The White Rhino (Mike) is calling!
Katie: I know. I think the hawk know we are doing this.
Eberly: Tell her I am cleaning the house.
Katie: Ok.
I found this hysterical. It was such a wonderful day. I felt so loved. Yep.. I turned 35 today, but with so much love surrounding me.. how could I be any happier.