Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Our ward held their Trunk or Treat on Tuesday night.. For those that might not know what this is... We park our cars in the parking lot of our church and the kids trick or treat from car to car. I love seeing the creative ways people decorate their cars. It was a great night. It started off with a chili cook off. Mike made his delicious chili and entered it into the contest. We couldn't believe how many crock pots of chili showed up. I don't think I have ever seen so much chili in one place in my life :). Unfortunately Mike didn't win... but we took the empty pot as a sign that his chili was well liked.

The kids had a blast "trunk" or treating. They scored too. Having so much candy in the house is not helping my diet plan. Those darned sweet tarts.

Eberly went as Athena; Ever since watching Percy Jackson she has been very into Greek Mythology. She is now reading the Percy Jackson series and LOVING it.

Katie went as a "retired" angel. Let me explain. She wanted to be an angel for Halloween. But seeing how PICKY she is... finding a white angel costume that she liked, and that wasn't $30, was next to impossible. Then I found these cute blue angel wings with matching skirt. She LOVED it. But since angels wear white.. she said that she is retired.

Sara went as a vampire. Not really sure why she wanted to be a vampire. My mom had found this cape when she was going through her fabric. Sara saw it and HAD to be a vampire.

Jimmy went as a wizard. Again.. Not sure where the idea came from. But it was an easy costume. I found the cute wizard hat in the dollar bin at Target!

Thanks to my Mom for making Eberly and Jimmy's costume. My kids would have gone as ghosts if she hadn't stepped in.

Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Light the Night

Every year Crimestoppers puts on a 5k run. It is apparently a pretty big competition among different police departments to see who can get the most participants. Mike, Katie and I decided to participate this year. I was very nervous...1. I haven't been very good at running lately. 2. I went to a concert the night before. 3. I had to run 2 booths at the Halloween Carnival that same day. I honestly didn't know how I was going to have the energy to do it. So I told myself that I would just walk it. I would let Katie and Mike run it.

We got there..after sitting in a ton of traffic. I had NO clue what a big event this was. I swear every cop in the city, that wasn't working, was there. It was awesome. We signed in, got our nifty glow in the dark t-shirts and got ready to...walk :)

Well we started at almost the end of the pack. It was just so crowded. Once we passed the starting line everyone started to thin out. My Katie was ready to go and to my surprise so was I. So I actually started running and I was able to keep up with Mike and Katie...for a little while. I could see that I was slowing my poor Katie Kat down so I let her and Mike go on up running 3/4 of the race. I only walked for about 1/4 of it. I was so proud of myself. But I was more proud of my little girl. She ran the 5k in 40 minutes! (I came in at 43). We figured out she came in 9th place for girls in her age category. SOOOO proud of her.

It turned out being a great night. I did way better than I thought would. I thought it would take me 2 hours to walk the thing. Not only did we support a good cause but it has motivated all three of us to get working and beat our time next year. In the words of Katie "I'm gonna kick their butts next year."


So I keep on saying that I am going to keep up on my blogging. It just hasn't happened. I am going to make an early New Years Resolution. I think it is so important to journal what is happening in our lives. With how busy our lives are it is easy to forget..even the small things. So this is it. This is my goal. I am going to stay up on my blog. Wish me luck...