Sunday, December 5, 2010

Grateful for the spirit of the youth

I had one of those mornings. Jimmy woke me up numerous times with nightmares. While he is super cute and cuddly, it causes quite a lack of sleep. Mike had to work last night. He called me around 2:00 am to let me know that he would not be home on time. While this seems like a nuisance I am grateful that he lets me know when he is going to be late. I am a bit of a worrier. Sara woke up in the middle of the night also with a sore throat. She woke me up again around 6am asking for a popsicle. I was exhausted by this point. I knew I wanted to sleep in. I felt like I desperately needed it.
I decided that I was going to stay home from church today. I knew Michael wasn't going to be able to go. He worked last night and has to return tonight. Sara wasn't going to be going. I knew Jimmy was going to have a hard time waking up since he slept so horribly. And Katie..oh Katie. She was SOOOOOOO grumpy yesterday. She kept on saying how tired she was. She was grumpy the whole day. I assumed she was coming down with something. I went in to her room around 8 and she was still asleep. I asked her if she was going to get up and she said "only if you want me to"....and she zonked back out. Decision was made. I was going to stay home and in my nice warm bed.
Then I went to talk to Eberly. I asked her if she wanted to stay home. Immediately she said "NO!!!" The look of disappointment on her face killed me. I told her that I really wanted to stay home and sleep. She didn't sway. She encourage me to go. I am so grateful that she did. How could I let my daughter down? I wasn't going to do it. So I got up and got ready for church.
I am SO glad I did. What a wonderful day at church. Testimony meeting was wonderful. Sunday School was great. Relief Society.... I can't say enough about how wonderful the lesson was today. It was about the Savior's Tender Mercies.
I do think sometimes we overlook all the many blessings that we receive on a daily basis. Sometimes our blessings our huge and very obvious. So many of the blessings we receive aren't as visible.
I feel so refreshed and ready for this week. I am grateful for my Eberly and for the wonderful example she sets for me.