Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tis' the Season...

Tis the season to be sicky..fa la la la la la la la la....Jimmy has been fighting a cold off and on for the last few weeks. First week started with a 24 hour fever. I wasn't too concerned because Sara had the exact same thing. Second week he came down with a LITTLE cough, but again got a fever that lasted less than 24 hours. I figured that he was fine since he no longer had a fever. Well, Saturday night he came down with ANOTHER fever. This one seemed a lot higher than the others. I thought "oh boy.. this is it.. this is going to be that fever that lingers." I was wrong. He woke up Sunday morning with no fever. His cough was a lot worse by this point.
Sunday morning also started Katie's downword spiral. Not the best way to spend Halloween. She was completely fine on Saturday, but woke up with a horrible cough and fever by the afternoon.
I decided that night that I should probably take Jimmy in to see Dr. Rosenfeld on Monday. 3 fevers in 3 weeks just wasn't sitting well with me. Plus his cough was getting a lot worse. I called the office Monday morning and was able to see her by the afternoon. I decided that I might as well take Katie in too since I was already going to be there.
Dr. Rosenfeld came in and started to check out the kids. I hadn't seen her in a while so we were catching up...when she smiled and said (while checking out Jimmy) "Well, how about Walking Pneumonia for ya?" Then she moved on to Katie.... "How about 2".
Two kids with walking pneumonia! Fortunately I took Katie in when I did. She had only been sick for two days. She was not nearly as bad as Jimmy is though.
They both got their breathing treatments and prescriptions. My kids have gotten walking pneumonia before. I normally have to take them back in to see the Doc in about 2 weeks after they start their inhalers and antibiotics. Not this time. Jimmy has to go back on Friday!!! That is how bad he is. He is super bummed because Friday is his birthday and not only does he have to go to the doctor.. he can't go to school. Katie can possibly go back on Thursday and Jimmy is out AT LEAST this whole week.
I am so glad I took them in. Who knows how sick they could have gotten. You have to understand.. Call in mother's intuition? I call it Heavenly Father inspiring me. My kids tend to not act sick when they are sick. Jimmy has been bouncing off the walls and Katie has been her normal chipper self.
Now my counter is filled with inhalers and antibiotics. Tis the season.


:cassia marie: said...

oh no good! how sad :( tell jimmy happy birthday for me. and maybe he can have fun and have a whole day of movies for his birthday :)

Heidi said...

No fun at all!! I hope they get well as quickly as possible.

Sigrid Cottrell said...

booomer!!! hope they get well soooon! please let me know if there is anything i can do to help you out. miss u luv u, s